Summer Internship Development 2023: TOPdeck

Posted by Violeta Chatalbasheva on August 28, 2023

Working during the summer? That is an idea that most of us students would immediately throw out the window. And indeed, I would agree if I had not done the Development Summer Internship at TOPdesk! Not only have I never imagined how much fun one can have at the workplace, but also, I would have never believed that such a brief period, 2 months, could teach me so much about programming and working in a team. And I have only TOPdesk to thank for this! If you think this is too good to be true, let me convince you otherwise. 

Software Development Interns
Teams Enigma and Sanderellas
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Summer Internship Development 2020: Workload Forecasting

Posted by Yash Mundhra on August 28, 2020

You have probably heard it a ton of times by now: “2020 has been an unforgettable year”. However, the summer of 2020 is truly unforgettable for us, mostly due to the TOPdesk Summer Internship. Together with a bunch of talented students from different backgrounds we started our journey with similar goals in mind; to improve our software development skills, make some money and of course, enjoy the summer holidays!

Team Fortune Tellers
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Summer Internship Development: Improving the release notes webpage

Posted by Juris Majors on August 30, 2019


During our summer internship in Tilburg, we worked on improving the current release notes website and the process of distributing release notes information to customers. Currently, release notes for each quarter are manually formatted, translated to PDF’s and then distributed to the customers. Our goal was to improve the website so that process would become less cumbersome.

Furthermore, the quarterly release notes are available only for a fraction of all 13 TOPdesk languages. Partially this is because the notes have always been manually translated and that takes a lot of time. Therefore, we experimented with different services and translator models to see if automatic translations are viable.

After the bootcamp, we spent the remaining 6 weeks of the internship on developing these functionalities.

Enough blabbering… how did we do all of it in one summer?

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First batch of TOPdesk Summer Interns in Tilburg

Posted by Juris Majors on

During the free summer months, a lot of students take up a summer job. Foregoing the sun-filled beaches to make some extra money during their holidays. However, what if you could earn some money and gain valuable experience as a developer? (And still go to the beach during the best internship outing!) 

Well, if this sounds good already, read on to learn about our experience as Software Engineering Interns at the TOPdesk branch in Tilburg.

Who are we?

We are Team Spaghet, the team that has been working on improving the release notes website this summer. We are three students, all with a background in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Our goals during this project were to deliver a great product, have a taste of the life of software developers and learn as much as we can along the way. 

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Building AIKI: the Smart Suggestion AI

Posted by Maxim Marchal on

Developing an AI prototype

Group picture of the team. 6 people smiling

TL;DR: If you want to brush up on your programming skills, make some nice money and work in an environment with clever, friendly people: go do the Development Summer Internship!!


Artificial intelligence is the buzzword of the decade, no question about it. While it used to be very difficult to develop an AI product from scratch (unless you were an experienced researcher), now the entry barrier is so low that even students can implement something meaningful. This was the premise of this year’s TOPdesk Development Summer Internship: get a handful of young people with affinity for programming and let them develop a technical product from scratch. The only common denominator for this year’s group was that everyone was highly motivated and a student with at least some experience with programming; besides this, the group was a nice blend of different nationalities, personalities and skillsets.

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Summer Internship Development: The road to RoomSense

Posted by Lucie Oude Luttikhuis on

Imagine, you’re sitting behind your desk, exhausted after building a difficult piece of code. You really need some time to relax. Luckily, TOPdesk has specific game rooms for this purpose, so you ask some colleagues and head to the room. Arriving there you notice that it is occupied, and the people inside mention that they just started their game. It would’ve been nice to know that before your walk. Unfortunately, you didn’t, so even more frustrated you try to get back to work.

As Summer Interns, this is the situation we were trying to solve during this summer. Only six weeks ago, we arrived fresh from our universities to get some working experience. Most of our team members only coded in their computer science courses. Now, we’re almost done with creating a fully working website.

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