The technical aspect of public speaking: coming on stage

Posted by Joep Weijers on February 7, 2020

Your presentation starts in a few minutes. It is your time to shine. You plug in your laptop and nothing happens. No slides on the big screen behind you. An already stressful moment becomes even more stressed. You’re starting to lose your audience.

Nobody wants to be in this situation. Here are some tips to make getting on stage a smooth process, even if unexpected events occur.

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The technical aspect of public speaking: preparing slides

Posted by Joep Weijers on January 29, 2020

Public speaking can be pretty stressful. All eyes will be on you and the last thing you wish to happen is a problem with your slides or microphone. A flawless presentation requires proper preparation. We have gathered some best practices, drawn from practical experience, to help you prepare your presentation. With these tips and tricks you will confidently walk on-stage, knowing that slides and sound will not hamper your presentation.

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