What all Developers need to know about: Reverse Tabnabbing

Posted by Martijn van Lambalgen on May 2, 2018

— This post is part of a series of monthly blog posts about all kinds of Security topics for Developers —

It’s been a while ago when I first heard about reverse tabnabbing. Initially I didn’t think much of it, because exploits are not always straightforward. At TOPdesk we fixed any potential issues some time ago, but recently it’s getting more attention. I always applaud it when security topics get more attention, and therefore I’d like to explain here how we approach this at TOPdesk.

“Reverse tabnabbing” you say? What are you talking about? Never heard of this thing. Okay, so apparently it hasn’t gotten enough attention yet. Reverse tabnabbing can easily lead to some nasty phishing attacks. I originally read this article by Mathias Bynens on rel=noopener. It explains (and demonstrates) that if a site has a link to an external domain, and when you click the link, the site on the other domain gets full control over the parent’s  window object.

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