What all Developers need to know about: Password guidelines

Posted by Martijn van Lambalgen on April 4, 2018

— This post is part of a series of monthly blog posts about all kinds of Security topics for Developers —

It’s time for our monthly security blog again.  Almost a year ago NIST published a new version of their password and digital identity recommendations. What are those recommendations, and why have they changed?

The new recommendations put an end to many of the crappy guidelines that we all hated, like requiring all kinds of special characters in your password, or having to change the password every x weeks. Slowly, people start to understand that these were not very good guidelines as they weren’t very well aligned with human behaviour.

Are you an ambulance driver, and need a password? Try ‘ambulance’. If the system also requires numbers, what about ‘ambulance1’? Special characters? Good chance that you will select ‘ambulance1!’. And next month, when the password needs to be changed, it will be ‘ambulance2!’, and so on. That’s what happens when you try to annoy people with these requirements. It gets ‘less’ secure, instead of ‘more’.

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