What all Developers need to know about TLS 1.0

Posted by Martijn van Lambalgen on June 4, 2018

— This post is part of a series of monthly blog posts about all kinds of Security topics for Developers —

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and it is a cryptographic protocol to secure communication over a network. This is what is used when you type ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ in your browser to communicate with a server, but it is also used to secure other end-to-end communications like email, voice-over-IP or DNS. TLS is the successor of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Many people still use the word SSL when they actually mean a TLS connection. SSL is old and deprecated. Just like SSL, TLS 1.0 has been found to be insecure. This is why TOPdesk is slowly going to drop support for this protocol version in favor of version 1.2 (and soon also 1.3).  Here we’ll discuss what you need to know of TLS 1.0.

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