Senior Software Developer Roel Spilker: “The best code is no code at all”

Posted by Leo Kranenburg on March 6, 2017

Few people possess the knowledge that TOPdesk’s senior developer Roel Spilker has about Java. Not only is he actively working with this programming language since 1999, he is also co-inventor and creator of Lombok. This is a game-changing tool that enables tens of thousands Java programmers on a daily basis to code quicker and prevents them from making mistakes. “In many cases I wonder how to improve the code.” But how does he do it? And what can other developers learn from this in order to keep improving their developer skills?

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Becoming a better programmer: A Q&A with Anna Maier

Posted by Leo Kranenburg on December 20, 2016

It started with a two-week computer science course for girls when she was a teenager. Fast-forward fifteen years and Anna Maier is a successful developer who has been going strong for over 8 years at TOPdesk and who takes pride in solving the most complex of problems on a daily basis. We had the pleasure of asking her several questions about how she continually improves her programming skills – and how others can do the same.

Anna Maier

Anna, what sparked your interest in programming?

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