Frontend Testing with Jest – Mocks

Posted by Anna Maier on July 5, 2019

Jest is a popular unit testing framework for Javascript. In an earlier post, we have looked in detail on how you can use assertions in Jest unit tests. In this post, let’s look into using mocks in Jest tests.

So, what are mocks?

In unit tests, you want to focus on one functionality only and ignore the logic of functionality you are dependent on. This is where mocks come into the picture. They make it easy to provide dummy objects for dependencies . Additionally, mocks keep track of all interactions with the mock. This way, you can check if your code calls the dependent code in the right way.

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Raising awareness about Accessibility

Posted by Anna Maier on May 24, 2019

“Software programs should be usable by everyone.”

I think everyone can agree with that statement. Unfortunately, there is some extra work needed to make a program truly accessible. Even worse, this is often only thought of in the last bit of a project. This leads to accessibility often being cut out because of time and budget constraints. If accessibility would be considered from the start, it could be built in more easily. But how can we make us as developers more aware so that we actively think about accessibility when building the software?

Our answer: let’s experience first hand how (in)accessible our software is!

We decided to host an accessibility challenge for our colleagues. Read below how this turned out…

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